Class leading power, top-level handling, and a serious amount of torque! The 2023 Gas Gas TXT RACING 300 is a trials workhorse! With a plentiful supply of strong, clean, and tractable power on tap, all skillful riders can push their limits and enjoy unlimited possibilities. Not for the faint hearted, the 300cc 2-stroke is built to scale the hardest climbs and meet the toughest challenges head-on. With impressive maneuverability, low running costs, leading suspension, a strong and reliable gearbox for precise shifting, as well as a hydraulic clutch and brakes from BRAKTEC, the TXT RACING 300 truly does deliver serious trial performance. So far the marketing talk taken from the Gas Gas website.

The R&D team at Jitsie have worked hard on the new bike and developed a first range of protectors for the frame, swingarm and silencer. These protectors perfectly fit the shape of the different components on the bike to maximise protection while making sure ergonomics and aesthetics are on point. The lower and upper frame guards keep the frame well protected in case of a crash, while avoiding scratches and wear from the rider’s boot rubbing on the steel frame. The silencer protector and sticker make the bike stand out while keeping the silencer and end cap protected in case of a crash. Although the ’23 swingarm looks the same as the previous model, it is actually 5mm higher and therefore needed a new set of protectors. No need for cable ties to mount them as the existing bolts on the swingarm do the job.

The custom master cylinder covers from our Go Custom range give that unique look to the bike’s owner. The Club Jitsie sticker kit is exclusive to the Club Jitsie members and include all stickers on the bike, except for the silencer protector sticker. A nice new product on the bike is the large front sprocket protector in carbon look plastic, which provides much more protection that the small original guard.

Discover the bike in detail from every angle below. Our team continues the development work on the bike and more products will become available soon on the website.

Sticker Kit Club Jitsie Gas Gas TXT Racing/GP 23-24
Custom Cover Braktec Clutch Master Cylinder
Cover Braktec Brake Master Cylinder Club Jitsie
Front Sprocket Protector
Solid Rear Sprocket 4 Bolt BT2806
Handlebar Fatbar 28.6MM 100 Bou/Lampkin Replica
Kill Button Engine with Magnetic Lanyard
Handlebar Ends Race
Frame Protectors
Upper Frame Protectors
Fuel Tank Bolt
Water Pump Cover Protector
Exhaust Silencer Protector
Exhaust Silencer Protector Sticker
Spindle with Snailcams and Nut Rear Wheel

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