New design + new engine + new frame = totally new bike. The Sherco ST-R is the proud result of several years of hard work by the Sherco research and development department. The new bike unites interesting novelties and technologies with a new chassis, new frame, new engine and developments intended to reduce weight, facilitate maintenance and improve the pleasure of riding.

The team at Jitsie have worked hard on the new bike and developed a first range of protectors for the frame, swingarm and silencer. Although all of these new protectors are not showing on the pictures, they perfectly fit the shape of the different components on the bike to maximise protection while making sure ergonomics and aesthetics are on point. Although the ’22 swingarm looks the same as the previous model, it is actually slightly different and therefore needed an update. No need for cable ties to mount them as the existing bolts on the swingarm do the job.

The custom master cylinder covers from our Go Custom range give that unique look to the bike’s owner. One of the highlights – we think – is the new front number board Race. Its curved design allows for all cables to be tucked in neatly behind the number board and for a factory look appearance of your bike, especially when applying a custom sticker. Installation is easy as the number board wraps around the fork tubes and is secured with four cable ties included in the packaging.

Discover the bike in detail from every angle below. Our team continues the development work on the bike and more products will become available soon on the website.

Sticker Kit Club Jitsie Sherco ST-R 23-24
Front Number Board Race
Custom Cover Braktec Clutch Master Cylinder
Custom Cover Braktec Brake Master Cylinder
Solid Rear Sprocket 4 Bolt BT2806
Exhaust Pipe Protector Carbon
Handlebar Fatbar 28.6MM 100 Bou/Lampkin Replica
Long Brake Lever Pro Braktec
Long Clutch Lever Pro Braktec
Handlebar Ends Race
Air Filter Pre-Oiled

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