A unique documentary about 2021 Trial2 World champion Toby Martyn.

Just before the start of the 2023 X-Trial series, we are excited to launch our exclusive Club Jitsie documentary β€˜New bike. New kit. Same goals πŸ†β€™. Filmed during the month of December ’22 and the first week of January 2023, Toby Martyn – the 2021 Trial2 World Champion and ’21-’22 British champion – granted Jitsie access to his home and private life at his Cornwall base. You’ll find out how Toby’s deal with Honda came about and how he’s adapted back to the 4 stroke machine, what his daily training regime is all about and he’ll take you on a fantastic tour of his garage filled with bikes and memorabilia. The exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the DL12 Indoor Trial in Sheffield is a must-watch part of the documentary, showing a young athlete giving his all in front of his British fan base. The full version of the almost thirty-minute-long film is available exclusively to Club Jitsie members.

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