Doing something that had never been done before in the hundred years plus history of the SSDT, Club Jitsie delivered an incredible eighteen hours of live coverage from weigh in day right through to the final section of the trial. Resident presenter Woody Hole proved to be a real star as he used his vast knowledge of the event to show never seen before footage and insight to the SSDT. Packed with action, interviews and behind the scenes access – all eighteen hours of live coverage can now be watched on catch-up here:

SSDT 2022 – Day 0 videos – Sunday 1st May
SSDT 2022 – Day 1 videos – Monday 2nd May
SSDT 2022 – Day 2 videos – Tuesday 3rd May
SSDT 2022 – Day 3 videos – Wednesday 4th May
SSDT 2022 – Day 4 videos – Thursday 5th May
SSDT 2022 – Day 5 videos – Friday 6th May
SSDT 2022 – Day 6 videos – Saturday 7th May

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