A unique documentary that shows the ex-multi–World Champion as never seen before.

On the day that Dougie Lampkin celebrates his latest birthday, we are privileged to launch our exclusive Club Jitsie ‘At home with Dougie’ documentary. Filmed earlier this year the ex-multi–World Champion, who will soon look to add a record extending thirteenth SSDT title to his honours list, granted Jitsie access to his home and private life that has never been permitted before. Dougie’s on bike successes have been well documented during his long and illustrious career, although this is the first time that those other than his inner circle of friends and family, have been able to gain an insight into his life away from competitions and training. The full version of the almost thirty-minute-long film is available exclusively to Club Jitsie members.

Dougie provides a rare glimpse of his ever-growing bike collection, which is a real mix of all types of motorcycles, trials and otherwise.
With a riding career spanning more than twenty-five years, the array of helmets worn by Dougie over this period is a real reminder of his longevity within the sport.
In very much the same way that his own father Martin had a huge influence on his career, Dougie is now invested in steering Alfie’s path as he starts to make his own impact on the international scene.
Dougie has a number of projects away from trials, the gin distillery business he part owns with his wife Nicola is already winning awards, but why is that not a surprise.
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