To compliment your bike training we have teamed up with sports performance coach Diebrecht Van Briel from Dpointgym to bring you a series of videos that you can easily do at home, which are designed to improve your on-bike performance as well as reducing the risk of injury. We hope that you enjoy watching and trying out these sessions so that you improve your technique, riding and hopefully your results too. Don’t forget to share your training videos with us via our social channels, so we can then share these with the rest of the Jitsie family.


Understanding how to do a correct warm up before you ride your bike is crucial to prepare your body for performance and minimise the chances of picking up an injury.


Developing core strength and stability is important for a trials rider to maximise power output and perform complex movements that require coordination, balance, and technical skills. Additionally, focusing on core strength can help stabilise other weak areas to reduce the risk of injury.



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